Self Assessment

The UNCTAD SFT Self-Assessment Tool allows you to assess the current status pertaining to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of freight transport. The questionnaire covers nine objectives in each of the three sustainability dimensions. The scoring helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing freight transport systems that fall under your area of activity and enables you to align your SFT strategy accordingly.

The scores resulting from the questions are displayed graphically at the end of the Self-Assessment. You can download them for use in presentations or documents.

Each question is answered on a qualitative scale from “Strongly Deteriorated” to “Strongly Improved.” Use the criteria and indicators listed beneath each question to help you choose the answer that closely reflects the current situation in your area of activity. If a response is unknown or not applicable, click “No Answer.”

You are encouraged to conduct the self-assessment periodically, e. g., every year, to monitor your performance and review progress. The results of your last three assessments will be saved in to your account. When you return to this page, you will be able to compare your current results with the last two assessments that you had previously completed.

You need to be registered and logged in to do the self assessment.